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Useful websites that can help you when working with WordPress

WordPress Codex The official documentation of WordPress provides extensive information and guides.


WPBeginner is an online resource that provides extensive guides, tutorials, and advice for WordPress users, especially those who are beginners. This website serves as a hub for newcomers, offering detailed step-by-step instructions for various issues and tasks related to using WordPress.
WPBeginner offers numerous articles and tutorials on basic and advanced topics, such as installing and configuring WordPress, managing themes and plugins, search engine optimization, and more. The site provides reviews and recommendations for various themes and plugins for WordPress that can enhance the functionality and appearance of your website.
WPBeginner has an active community and forum where users can share issues, ask questions, and get assistance from other community members.
The site offers video tutorials that explain different aspects of using WordPress, focusing on visual presentations and demonstrations.
WPBeginner maintains a blog where it publishes current news, articles, and tips from the world of WordPress.The site is designed to be easily accessible for users seeking in-depth information and guidance, especially those who are new to using WordPress. You can visit WPBeginner to learn more and utilize the resources they provide., is a website dedicated to providing valuable information about themes on The primary goal is to support and enrich the WordPress community by offering comprehensive and up-to-date data for each theme, stored for a minimum of 2 years. The provided information includes statistics, ratings, and other useful data beneficial for both users and theme authors.
A video platform where you can find recordings of WordCamp events and video tutorials for WordPress.


Smashing Magazine
A resource for web design and development with many articles and tutorials.


Information, tutorials, and articles about CSS and web design.
A web development resource providing articles, books, and tutorials.
A resource with many useful articles, tutorials, and guides for CSS.